General Use Guidelines


• Students are REQUIRED to bring their mobile device to school each day with a fully charged battery. The device is a learning tool like a textbook, notebook or pencil. Students will not be given the use of a loaner mobile device if they leave the device at home. Students leaving mobile devices at home may be required to complete their assignments using alternate means (as determined by the teacher).

• We do NOT recommend bringing charging cables into school, as they may cause tripping hazards and are susceptible to loss or theft. Charging cables and transformers are invoiced at their full replacement cost. The manufacturer-branded charging cable and transformer must be turned in at the time of device collection.

• Please remember that your device must be in the district-issued case at all times. Your device is more likely to be damaged when placed and carried inside your book bag. Damage to a device must be reported immediately to a school official (teacher or principal) and may result in an invoice for the $50 deductible.

• Students should use their OneDrive or iCloud as their primary file storage device for school-related files. Personal files should always be backed up to a personal storage device (i.e. flash drive). Students are responsible for backing up their own school-related files. If a mobile device is experiencing a technical issue, it is likely to be reset to factory defaults which will destroy all local data that is not backed up.

• Be mindful not to have open bottles or other containers with liquid in proximity of the mobile device. Liquid damage will render the device as a complete loss and will result in the invoicing of applicable replacement fees.

• Mobile devices are not allowed on overnight trips or field trips without the approval of the lead chaperone.

• Students should not delete any folders or files that they did not create or that they do not recognize. Deletion of files could result in a device failure and will interfere with their ability to complete class work. Questions about these files should be directed to the school’s technical staff.

• Students may not download or install software applications on district issued mobile device, except from a selection of pre-approved titles downloaded via the self-service portal, or without prior approval from authorized district personnel.

• Student use of mobile devices on the Internet will be subject to routine monitoring by administrators and technology staff. Attempts to circumvent district filters may be recorded and may result in disciplinary action.

• Incidental personal use is permitted provided such use does not violate district policy and does not compromise the device’s ability to serve its primary purpose.

• Periodic mobile device checks may be conducted during the school year, inspecting for physical damage and/or loss.

• Students will provide access to any mobile device and/or accessories that they have been assigned upon the request of an authorized district official. An individual search of the mobile device and other stored student files may be conducted by administrators if there is reasonable suspicion that policies or guidelines have been violated, in accordance with district policy.

• DO NOT share passwords. Students are responsible for anything done using their login credentials.


Students will log in to the GASD Wi-Fi network by using their assigned district username and password.

Students will log in using home network, or public Wi-Fi. District-owned mobile devices will route through the district web filter when accessing the Internet. Any attempt to disable or circumvent the filter is strictly prohibited.


• Students are issued a district provided Apple ID. This Apple ID is managed via the district and is unique to each student. The Apple ID is identical to the student’s e-mail address username and password, as we leverage Microsoft’s Office 365 authentication structure for sign-in.

• Students will not be permitted to download or install new apps to their mobile devices without prior approval from authorized district personel. Students may use the Self-Service portal for downloading approved district apps.

• Students are not permitted to use a personal Apple ID on their district provided mobile device.


• It is recommended that school related files are regularly backed up via iCloud or OneDrive.

• Student’s will self-maintain their 200GB iCloud storage, provided via the managed Apple ID. Should the 200GB become full, students will be required to delete unnecessary or old files to free up space.