Damage & Theft Charges

Examples of Damage & Associated Fees

Normal wear and tear is expected but these devices must be collected in a condition that will allow us to reasonably redistribute them to incoming students. Below are examples of damage that exceeds normal wear and tear and subject to damage coverage deductibles or actual replacement costs, whichever is less.

Corner Dent

Corner Dent $50

Broken Screen

Broken Screen $50

Charging Port

Charging Port $50

 Liquid Damage

 Liquid Damage $50

 Stage 1: Cable Damage

 Stage 1: Cable Damage

At this stage the cable may be unusable, but may have been caused due to normal wear and tear.

 Stage 2: Cable Damage

Stage 2: Cable Damage
This is not normal wear and tear.

Case/Keyboard Damage

Case/Keyboard Damage

Any damage to the case, including cracks, breaks, or missing pieces

 ** iPads MUST remain in their GA provided case AT ALL TIMES.