The GIANT Company is partnering with school districts in the communities we serve, to help support children facing food insecurity.


It’s simple – you’ve seen it before. You go to pay for your order at the grocery store register. Your total is $28.35; the pin pad asks you if you want to round up to donate the additional 65 cents to support local school food programs. You say yes, it costs you less than a dollar, but really adds up. Even better – The GIANT Company will donate an additional $250,000 to the program!

Please encourage everyone to consider donating at each transaction.

From backpacks with weekend food, to clearing a delinquent lunch account, to building a community pantry in our schools, the funds will be provided to our local districts’ food organizations for use in line with addressing food insecurity in our school communities.


Q. Is this program similar to the A+ Program?

A. This program is even easier to participate in than A+. The GIANT Company is committed to supporting schools in our community. Unlike A+, this program focuses specifically on eliminating hunger and food insecurity among students, so that they can better focus on learning. The program provides funding to schools who need it for hunger programs. We are working with public school districts and their food programs, so schools do not need to register.

Q. How does this program work?

A. Simply go to pay for your order at the grocery store register. Your total is $28.35, for example; the pinpad will ask if you want to round up to donate the additional 65 cents to support local school food programs. Say yes to round up, and your order total will be rounded up to the nearest dollar, in this instance $29.00. In addition to the change donated by customers, The GIANT Company will donate an additional $250,000.

Q. What are the Program Dates? A. The program begins January 1, 2022 and ends February 28, 2022.

Q. Can I roundup my GIANT Direct or MARTIN’S Direct order online?

A. At this time, we do not have the capability to roundup on your online order.

Q. Is there anything for our PTO to do to enroll our school?

A. At this time, the roundup program is designed to support food programs at local public- school districts. There is nothing for your PTO to do to enroll the “school”, but you can encourage your parents to join our free CHOICE Rewards program AND convert grocery dollars.

Q. Which schools will benefit from this program?

A. This program is intended to support food programs at local public schools, via the local public school district. At the end of the fundraising period, we will announce all the school districts. The intent of this program will be to support food programs across all of our communities, but especially those school districts in the most need, as determined by Title 1 designation and % Free and Reduced lunches.

Q. Will list of benefitting schools and amounts be publicly announced?

A. Benefiting school districts and amounts received will be available upon request. Please email:

Q. Why isn’t this program open to private/charter/cyber schools?

A. Public school districts provide lunch programs to all students and most extend their food program to all families in need. We find that these programs are the most challenged to meet hunger needs in the community, and have determined to focus our program on public schools this year.

Q. Is this program available across all four states where The GIANT Company operates?

A. Yes, public school districts in PA, MD, VA and WV will benefit from this program.

Q. What are the fundraising and payout periods?

A. Funds will be raised from Jan. 1, 2022 through Feb. 28, 2022. At this time, we will calculate the totals and submit checks to the correct school districts. This payout will occur once per school year.

Q. How often will this program occur?

A. Currently, this program is only scheduled to take place Jan. 1, 2022 through Feb. 28, 2022.

Q. How can my school use these funds?

A. These funds are to be used by school district’s food service departments. School district food service accounts have been set up accordingly (as opposed to PTOs, administrative department, foundations, etc). As long as the funds are used by the food service account or the school district to feed students and their families, we will not specify uses for the funds.

Q. Who can I contact if I have any questions regarding this program?

A. With questions regarding the school district donation program, please or call 888-814-4268. Select Option #1, then select Option #2 to speak to a representative.