Health and Safety Plan

Please click here to download the Health and Safety Plan (.PDF Version)

Each school entity must create a Health and Safety Plan which will serve as the local guidelines for all instructional and non- instructional school reopening activities. As with all emergency plans, the Health and Safety Plan developed for each school entity should be tailored to the unique needs of each school and should be created in consultation with local health agencies.

Given the dynamic nature of the pandemic, each plan should incorporate enough flexibility to adapt to changing conditions. The templates provided in this toolkit can be used to document a school entity’s Health and Safety Plan, with a focus on professional learning and communications, to ensure all stakeholders are fully informed and prepared for a local phased reopening of school facilities. A school entity’s Health and Safety Plan must be approved by its governing body and posted on the school entity’s publicly available website prior to the reopening of school. School entities should also consider whether the adoption of a new policy or the modification of an existing policy is necessary to effectively implement the Health and Safety Plan.

Each school entity should continue to monitor its Health and Safety Plan throughout the year and update as needed. All revisions should be reviewed and approved by the governing body prior to posting on the school entity’s public website.