October 17, 2018

School Start Time Committee Meeting #2

October 17, 2018 4:00 – 6:00 PM

Viewed a youtube video on start school later


  • 15% of schools start 8:30 AM or later (2014)

  • If the majority of schools are not doing it; how can we help people understand?

  • It is about the perception of why we should do this

Reviewed and discussed the article Logistical Thinking Behind Later School Starts
  • Change is tough but inevitable in life

  • What’s best for our students in the most important

  • Could homework be an additional concern? That is not controlled by a change in start time

  • Emphasis on informing the community and taking our time with the process

  • The key to a successful change is communication

  • Interested in the pilot program that was shared in the article – tough for GASD to attempt

  • What is a feasible start time for a small rural district in PA?

  • Thinking outside the box could open other options – Teacher collaboration could be open K-12

  • Change the mindset from how does this affect me versus what is for the greater good?

Start School Later Website Resources
  • Brochure/pamphlet – too general, I want it about our community (more specific)

  • School districts are starting to put into practice later start times

  • I like the idea of getting things out in different fashions and in multiple ways will hopefully appeal to everyone

  • It needs to be quick and grab your attention (postcard idea)

  • The average citizen will probably not take larger pieces of information to read

  • The website is passive whereas when these are pushed out in School Messenger more will most likely read it

District Website
  • Sharing website

  • Committee members are not opposed to having their names on the website

  • A few draft schedules were shared; however, the administrative team is still working on this.

Transportation Costs of Districts of Similar Size
  • GASD is 72 square miles

  • The sample included the following:

    • 70-120 square miles
      2400 – 3200 students
      (SD had to be in both of those categories)
      7 other districts are similar to us according the information above

  • Cost per mile for GASD is $2.62 – the cost goes up to $4.98 per mile

  • We are transporting our students in a very economical comparison

What is happening in other countries
  • Finland – elementary starts between 8 and 9 AM; secondary schools started around 8

  • Norway – primary - 8:30; 8th grade – 8:30; 9th- 9:00; 10 – 9:10

  • Singapore – primary grades vary from 7:20 – 9:00 AM

Early Start Time for Younger Kids
  • Very little research on this

Pros/Cons List
  • Con – how does it affect students who have to work after school

  • Pro – being in alignment with higher ranking schools (Japan)

  • Pro – benefits to the mental health concerns

  • How do you better prepare as a family to get more sleep? For example, no electronic devices in bedrooms

We need to focus on the GREATER GOOD, instead of how does this effect parents personally.