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To report a positive case, or report possible exposure, please contact 717-597-6417.
You may also e-mail

Please be sure to provide your full name, your student's name, and contact information so that we may follow-up with you.


Starting September 11, 2020, through May 28, 2021 (contingent on the availability of funding)

To order “Community Meals”, please use the following form:

All other meal order forms can be accessed through the school district website: > District, Department > Food Service > Online Meal Order Forms.

About Us


Beliefs guide behavior. Subsequently, to achieve anything you must have beliefs that serve as a foundation through the good and bad times. These are the true north of our organization's compass. Our beliefs about children and learning are:

  • We believe that all children can learn.
  • We believe that success follows a child's ability to read, write, and apply arithmetic.
  • We believe that to be successful a child must develop character.
  • We believe that the learning environment must be safe and secure.
  • We believe that educational programs must be individualized and instruction varied.
  • We believe in seeking out, inducting and educating the best available staff.

Our Mission
A community invested in empowering our students to strive for excellence to succeed in the future.

District Vision Statement
Every student will experience success and positively impact the world.

Greencastle-Antrim Schools

Primary School
Phone: 717-597-3226 x40500
Fax: 717-597-1306

Elementary School
Phone: 717-597-3226 x30500
Fax: 717-597-3652

Middle School
Phone: 717-597-3226 x20500
Fax: 717-597-6468

High School
Phone: 717-597-3226 x10500
Fax: 717-597-2912