Residency Issues

 The Greencastle-Antrim School District has a “residency” problem. We do suspect that some of the children attending the district do not live within the district boundaries. How big is the problem? It is hard to tell. We are flattered by their desire to be here, but because of numerous reasons, such as rising enrollment, lack of space and, most importantly, state school residency laws, we must take steps to correct it.

 Beginning with the 2016-17 school year, all new enrollments or any questionable enrollment to the district will undergo an investigation by the district School Police Officer. Obviously, if you live in the district, you will not even know the investigation is taking place.

 Under Article XIII Pupils and Attendance, School Code 1302, it states a child shall be considered a resident of the school district in which his parents or guardians RESIDES. For a rule of thumb, a student must sleep in the district for the majority of the school days during the week (meaning three days a week). There are no exceptions.

 If through the investigation, it is determined that the student is not following the school code in regards to residency, the parents or legal guardians, will have charges filed against them with the local magistrate. 

 Though tuition for students living out of the district changes yearly, the annual amount is near $8,000 per year for primary and elementary students and $9,000 per year for secondary students. This amounts to approximately $45 per day for K-5 and $50 per day for 6-12.  The amount of days a student has attended our district illegally will be the amount requested through the District Justice.

 Again, we appreciate the desire of parents and guardians who want to send their child to the Greencastle-Antrim School District. However, we do have parents/guardians who pay tuition and many parents/guardians who have requested their child attend our district but have been denied because of the residency laws.

If you have questions or concerns, please call the Office of the Superintendent for the Greencastle-Antrim School District at (717) 597-3226.

500 E. Leitersburg St., Greencastle, PA 17225  |  Phone: 717.597.3226